Saturday, January 22, 2005

Down South


Here I am in the South. I got the plane in Atlanta stopped at truckstop to get some caffeine (Ice Tea) All they had was that Sweet Tea. I hate sweet tea. But I am enjoying myself. We went up to Virginia the last couple days to see Tolani's grandparents. Good trip but it snowed.

I am currently reading a book called Searching for God Knows What I have some thoughts but they are not complete. The core of this book is what does a relationship with God look like. What does it mean to be the bride of Christ? In true Pomo style it starts be deconstruction. The point is that it is not about the formulas or the theology or any of that. It is about a real relationship with Christ, not a relationship with ideas.

So I am thinking about all this and will post more latter. But pick it up if you want to think.



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