Sunday, January 09, 2005


There has been a great deal of water. We are being pounded with rain here in LA. The Tsunami trashed southeast Asia. A necessity turned tragedy.
My thoughts are summed up by Crashdog (thanks Ben)

Cashists, Fascists, And Other Fungus
My GodSinking in the cold like a falling star
Looking in to where you are
Trying hard to keep it all together
Isolated I'm the modern leper
Drop your eyes at the sight of me
Cuz I been labeled H.I.V
All you wanna know is "How did he get it?"
Justify it, then forget it
Do you really think you're any better?
Cuz you blood don't bear three acarlet letters
When we meet again it'll be in heaven
I hope the shock won't be too sudden
My God doesn't hand out disease as a punishment
My God doesn't look with joy on your torment
My God doesn't draw back His hand from any child
My God lives to touch and heal and reconcile
Here you come with a gun in your hand
Gonna stop abortion at your command
Could ya really see Jesus pull that trigger?
What makes you tick? How do you figure that?
Your murder is some holy thing?
A misguided killer the same as them
Some fight this fire, you fan the flame
Thanks to the press we bear your shame
A full circle we're almost there
Another death, you'll get the chair
We've always refused to understand
Revenge does not belong to any man
My God doesn't call His people to judge and kill
My God doesn't need your guns to bring His will
My God doesn't upon some doctor's grave
My God screams, "Vengeance is mine I will repay"
In the corner looking right at her
She's just an object in your world
Your greed exists, so do your intentions
But her interest is you own invention
Woman aren't yours to dominate
We're equal halves of something great
Male and female He created
Eternally linked and integrated
My God doesn't hold man over woman
My God's image lives and breathes in every human
My God doesn't hold man over woman
My God's image lives and breathes in every human

I will finish this by saying
my God doesnt cause tsunami's and kill people
and my God doesnt drop bombs on the innocent
my God doesn't support one and screw the other
my God love all humanity equally
my God does cry over lives lost in Asia and Iraq
and my God calls us to the same

My only issue is that America pours out donations when an unpreventable tragedy occurs and rightly so. But we cause a greater tragedy with our bombs. Where are the donations to replace homes we destroyed. What tragedy is greater. The greater tragedy is the one that could have been prevented.


Amen. Very well said.

By Blogger Rebecca, at 5:08 AM  

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