Monday, February 07, 2005


I think I need to clarify the question I asked in my last post.
The current sermon structure is the Pastor has a point or points (I am not concerned with what those are because every pastor has some true points and some garbage).
They spend 30 minutes or so convincing people of their point with various homiletic structures.
They then call people to respond in some manor.
While they do this half the congregation is either sleeping, playing on their Palm, thinking about what is for lunch, or my favorite desensitizing the argument.
Furthermore, unlike the ancient church this sermon is the reason for church. It is the focal point.


What is the point?

Does this help us experience a real dynamic marriage with Christ?
Does it help us to know God and more importantly help God know us? (allow us to be real with God)
Does it help build the Church (true community)?

Sometimes maybe.

But I do not think I've ever seen it.

It seems to me that relationships with God and others happen often in spite of the church service structure. So, what if our structure help the relationships instead of hindering them?


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