Saturday, February 19, 2005


Well most of you know that Tolani has been sick for a while. In short her body produces too much spinal fluid. This causes headaches and the blindness she suffered back in September. Anyway, the only cure is a VP shunt, a permanent tube running from her head to her belly. So she had the surgery yesterday at USC. I am happy to say that she is home and doing well.

Anyway, I had the chance to finish reading Joyful Theology by Sara Maitland. She says many things that traditional Christian will have a problem with. She believes in evolution and she even believes that God takes risks. Or to phrase it another way he creates. God does not know the end result of that creation. But and listen to this the end is not the point anyway.

Modern theology is built on the end being important. This is more hellenistic then Judaic and more modern (in the scientific philosophical sense) then Christian. What if the end is not the point at all? What if salvation is more about joy and togetherness then sin and heaven or hell? What if true theology is more about joy or awe or wow then it is about being right or wrong?

What if we have been asking the wrong questions?

What are the right questions?


Those are interesting questions to ask. It reminds me of the Nicodemus-Jesus encounter where Nicodemus approached Jesus with his already made concepts about who Jesus was and the role of "religion" in one's life, and Jesus approached me from an entirely different direction and perspective.

I, personally, believe there is room for both, what we have traditionally believe in the "modern" world and the questions that are being posed today about our faith, our theology, and even about our God.

As a Christian, I take comfort in knowing that in the end, God will reign, but in the hear and now, I know it is equally important on how I relate to my fellow man (that includes everyone, even non-Christians).

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