Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Victory

As I sit here contemplating the Easter thought I will share only one thing resonates with me.

For too long Good Friday THE High Holy Day for the Church has taken a back seat to Easter. We celebrate Easter not because it means anything here and now but because it gives up of a future escape. So my Easter greeting this day is simple. Christ lives for TODAY. Its not about heaven and hell or whatever the next life really is I mean we can not even conceive of it. Christ died and conquered evil. Christ is victorious. Christ rose to wage a new battle. The fight is always the same. You know how it goes principalities and powers and evil in high places. It looks like greed and hatred, war and murder, oppressive governments and economic systems, and other sins that cause harm to others. Its about Christ coming to liberate the oppressed. What saddens me greatly this Easter morning is that today Christ rises to liberate many from the Church.

Its walls reek from the stench of hatred. Love the sinner hate the sin the saying goes but never have I seen this. The music asks for God's presence to rain down but really do you want it? Will you love God's children regardless of who or where they are? Will you love the Iraqi, the Palestinian, the Al Queda member, will you love the abortion doctor, the homosexual, "that punk kid over there?" Really church will you love the homeless, the abused, those who make church a bit unruly? Will you love and I mean really love you know put them before yourself? Or do they have to be just like you good white middle class Americans? I know you think that you are better just because you are American. That is why its okay for you to go to war because another country might have 1 nuke when you have thousands. I know you think America is the "God's Chosen People" but you could not be further from the truth. The Lord has already declared that ALL people are God's children. Will YOU love them? Will I Love them?

But Christ rises today to bring victory.

Christ rises so his followers can have victory over all evil no matter where it lies.

Christus Victor LIVES!



Thanks for another thought provoking entry. I have long enjoyed reading your insights into theology as well as the practical pitfalls of Christianity and how we might best avoid them. I confess that while I have not always agreed with you my deepest admiration has flowed from the honest and at times even abrasive way at which you grapple with your faith and salvation. Your courage is an example to us all.

That said, I've listened and read enough of your material to discern that you are a wonderful architect in terms of the castles that ought to be erected in the Christian Community.

My challenge is to see you at work in the task of building these lofty edifices. I thank God in His wisdom for sending you and Tolani into the challenge of inner city ministry. It is my firm belief that with the blueprint of what God has revealed to you firmly in hand that the work will flow naturally from that passion.

In short, I believe, hope, and in the grace of the Father expect to hear of a radical deployment of kingdom community at your new appointment. I only hope Laura and I are stationed nearby so we can watch, encourage and glean from the two of you.

God bless you Bill Finley and may His heartbeat resonate with your very own. Forgive the phrase if it seems awkward, but I'm proud of you and trust God is able to finish what He has begun in you.

Take care and feel better soon my friend.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:37 PM  

Good to hear that you are recovering well. Keep your thoughts on that burger and burrito, and they'll taste so good when the time comes.

By Blogger Dan (aka Br Bozano), at 10:30 AM  

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