Sunday, March 13, 2005

Stan Grenz

Stanley J. Grenz

January 7, 1950 – March 12, 2005

I do not have the words. Of all the authors only two have effected me greater then the others. First, there was Henri Nouwen taken too soon. And now Stan.

I've read much of his books introduced to him by David Williams and Janet Rumfelt. I remember David inviting him to CCU I think it was 99. He hung out with us students for three days I think. He taught he lectured he ate. He turned down Baylor to stay in his community. He was fluent in the worlds of theology and physics yet knew how to relate to those seeking. I can not express my sadness right now. Taken too soon but leaving behind a legacy. He passed it to the next generation. Who will take it up? I hope I can be one who joins others in continuing to formulate a theology for the community of God.

May God and their community be of comfort to Stan's family.


I've not read Stan, but will check out his work on your endorsement. His impact on you is noted. I have also felt this way about heroes of mine who have been promoted to glory. When Colonel Albert Pepper went home, i asked who will take up the mantle of prayer warrior in his place. The Spirit advised me that He was in fact speaking to me. Do you suppose He is speaking to you at this moment?

By Blogger Jim Knaggs, at 5:47 PM  

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