Monday, April 18, 2005

The joys of 5th street

Sunday was a great day. While my wife was preaching she said "Satan can not get in our head" she was talking about how we give Satan too much credit and stuff. Suddenly a guy from the street stood up and yelled something like yes he can. Tolani said we can talk after the meeting. Well he gradually moved up to the front row. One of the soldiers sat down next to him just to be safe. After about 5 minutes he got up and threw his arms up and left. Our Corps sergeant Major (lead elder) followed him and talked to him about the program. He told us later that he was very intoxicated. Drunk as a skunk.

Anyway, all is going well. God is moving here on 5th street. We are starting the process to do some chapel renovation.

But my wife's sermon has left me with a rant/question.

Why do evangelicals give Satan so much credit? Was not Satan defeated at the cross? Do they not realize that Christ is the victorious one? Or is their God simply the God invented by Schofield and made popular by Lindsey and LeHay? Or is it just easy to blame Satan instead of people. I mean if people (social structures as well as individuals) are to blame for evil (war, poverty, crime, sickness, and the like) then don't we have some responsibility in it all? If people are at fault then don't we need to act against poverty? But if we did do something then we couldn't be very good republicans now could we? If we really understand that evil is part of who we (humanity) are (see James 1) then we have option except to fight evil. So, for my part I have not shopped at Wal-Mart for over a year, and we getting a car that will double or MPG over the van we have now. What more can be done, what more should be done?

What if the dispens (dispensationalists) are right? What if that anti-Christ is coming? What if the anti-Christ is you and me Jo shmoe American? What if? Rome was interpreted as the evil empire in the past. Is a new Rome rising?


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