Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Safe Recovery

Dwight hit on something about a safe church, especially for the abused.

So what will a safe church look like for the recovering addict. Tolani and I are the only people who are not addicts (only by the mercy and hand of God I believe, with a special thanks to BSA). But we have to create a place that 1) is safe for recovering addicts, ie can not cause them to use, I see this as a process of education and understanding that God is not blame. Many believe that God caused the crap. They have been told the Calvinist/Augustine/evangelical crap that God is all controlling. But it does not end there. We also need to create a place where the Great Liberator can liberate. I do believe that God can and does liberate people who want to be liberated. Some will choose to stay in their prison. Some who are sick would choose to say sick and in bed. Some choose to return to their abusers. But here God liberates. So the question is, how do we create this place.



I guess for me what makes a community safe is the freedom to express questions and answers that are outside of the traditional evangelical box. As an abuse victim I have had to reorder my theology just to be able to say that God is good.

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