Thursday, May 19, 2005

Generous orthodoxy part 3

"Jesus, savior of what?"

Again I resonate with what Brian says. The basic problem is that we have taken the Salvation of the world and made it salvation of me. I mean we tell people "if you were the only left on the planet Christ would have died for you." But what does that tell people? Furthermore our "salvation messages" are all about salvation from hell. When I was at Crestmont I would get deducted because tell people that they had to come to the altar and get saved from hell. Often I think for most evangelicals salvation is completely about heaven and hell. But I ask what is the point?

We interact everyday with people who have had so much garbage theology stuffed down their throats. Everything from God caused you to go through your addiction for a purpose to all that matters is whether you go to heaven or hell. Where is the idea that Christ came suffered and died so that we can have LIFE? Abundant life at that. But somehow we interpret that to say eternal life. What the?

If Salvation is just about heaven/hell then what about salvation from addiction. I love Brian's Justice to Mercy to Teaching Model of Salvation. I think it resonates with addition and recovery I will have to think on this some more. We are being saved from something. How can we be saved from hell if hell is not here yet? I mean if we are seeking a real salvation we want it here and now. Furthermore that what Christ was about. He set people free and brought salvation to people in their actual lives. But what if we like our consumeristic lives? The fastest growing churches are consumer churches. What does that say? What if Christ comes to save us from consumerism? Greed? Patriotism? (I suppose I should say that allegiance to country is not a bad thing, participation in this country is needed, but if our country becomes our God and our God becomes our country then something is wrong. There are evangelical leaders running around talking about how the country is God's country and God is using this country in the wars and stuff like that. That is confusing country and God. AMERICA IS NOT THE CHOSEN NATION.) What if God seeks to save us from all that? What will be the churches response?


I liked that book a lot. I thought that he was finally moving somewhere good and healthy I just wished he would have went further in it theologically.

Also, about country: "Be patriotic always, and support your country when you morally can." - Mark Twain. (loosely paraphrased actually).

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