Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Generous Orthodoxy Part two

Last night as I laid in bed I read another chapter from generous Orthodoxy.

While I agree with virtually everything he wrote I was struck by one simple question. Would Jesus be welcome? I mean would the true servant, master, king who is in control but who is not a dictator be welcome in our church? I mean often churches are built around the pastor. Often pastors have great control. I do not know why but I think its because some people like power and some would rather have someone else think for them. So if a Jesus who is more interested in leading and serving came in would he be accepted by the church? Or would we take him out try him and have him killed or run out of town? We say "let us welcome thin King of Glory" but will we welcome him when he chastises us for our fancy buildings, our nice dress, our religious words, and our ignoring of the poor, or our persecution of those "not like us." I mean there is a church in the Springs (Colorado) that has declared war on non-Christians. (I think its New Life Center or something) My problem is that when did Jesus "declare war?" He talked about fighting principalities and powers which could be interpreted as power structures and economic systems. But what on earth or heaven gives these people such assurance that they are right that they can declare a spiritual war on those who don't agree with them. Besides that its not far from declaring a jihad against other countries who don't see things they way they should according the dominate supper power. But we've already done that. Do you see? I guess I just venting here cause I'm saddened. I angry too though. I'm angry because my witness, the gospel I believe, Christ himself are all seen in this light by many. We get lumped in with all the bad ungenereous orthodoxy and the non-orthopraxy. Those who truly try to show Love and a liberating gospel are labeled as liberal or heretics buy the "Christians" and seen as "Christian" buy all the others. Persecution was promised. But remember the first persecution came from the religious. Besides if persecution comes because we are jerks then its not persecution just retaliation. I feel sorry for Christians in Iraq and Afghanistan because often the flag is seen as a cross. For that I weep.


Hey Bill,

I think this kind of venting is healing for all of us who are listening.

Thanks for sharing your heart.

By Blogger Dan (aka Br Bozano), at 2:36 PM  


I think much of the same is being said about the "kingdom of God."
Is it a future place, or right now.
It could very well be the place where Jesus gives abundant life.

I suspect the "heaven and hell" situation may be the reason some find salvation. However, it would seem to me that God would want people to love Him and accept Jesus from a standpoint of love and respect - not for fear of reprisals such as "hell."

Heaven and hell may be real places, but I would rather serve God and follow Jesus as a loving experience gained from respect, than fearing the future. It would seem that if we follow God only for fear of hell then we would follow Him amiss. Our following and our love for God would be shallow.

I think that is where the evangelists may be misplacing their messages. I would think that God would want us to love Him, not "fear hell" and follow Him for that reason. If we fear hell all the time, we won't live the abundant life Christ gives. We won't love God fully either for fear that hell hangs over our head, or we will never be good enough. Someplace along the line we need to love God for Him, not for any eternal reward or punishment He is capable of bringing. Otherwise, I think we would love and respect Him amiss.

God bless you!

Lloyd Michael Fletcher

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:19 AM  

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