Saturday, May 14, 2005

Generous orthodoxy

Went to Archives today with a good friend. Kevin has been a friend mentor and fellow sojourner on the post evangelical post modern post whatever journey. In many ways his coming to Crestmont 3+ years ago is why I'm still a part of the tribe called salvationists. Had a good talk sold some books (which made my wife happy) and had a good pastrami sandwich.

Yesterday I found out (had been expecting for a while) that other good friends of ours are leaving this tribe to pursuit a ministry in even a tougher area then 5th street. Good luck teaching high school. I am truly saddened and happy both at the same time. Saddened that a good friend is leaving the area but happy for them because they will be doing what God has called them to do.

There are two authors I have come across who when I picked up their books I could not put them down. Don Miller and Brian McLaren Well Brian did it again. I love his style and his wisdom. I think what I like best is that while he is serious, he does not take himself too seriously. I mean at times we need to see ourselves in relation to the rest of creation. We are small indeed. So why act as though we are creation. Too often we can think of ourselves more highly and more important then we ought. Anyway, Brain rings refreshment to my soul. He gives words to what I feel yet do not possess the words or experience to convey. So here I am just on a journey to where I am only partly certain. So blessings to all of us on this journey.


Both of them have new books out that I need to "pick up and read" (as Augustine was told once).

I worry about lending their books out because on many occasions they never come back. I hope that my copy of blue like jazz comes back.

Have you read McLaren's The last Word and the One After That? If so I would love to hear your comments on it. I haven't gotten the chance to read it yet.

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