Sunday, May 22, 2005

He's back

A number of years ago Jimmy Swaggart was caught in a a prostitution scandal. See

Anyway, being in the Pentecostal world at the time I remember all of it. Well he's back this time on TV (we were flipping channels and came across his crap) hawking his new study bible. The problem is that he's using the name "Expositors". He has notes (read his thoughts) in between each verse. Of course its KJV because unless its word for word (the KJV isn't really because word for word would be in the complete wrong word order and be incoherent, but I guess the KJV fits that description anyway) then its not the bible. He specificity talked about the message. He probably wouldn't like my NLT which I now preach out of all the time. Anyway, just like he plagiarized Drake I'm shure much of this new thing plagiarizes others. Did I say he wants a $100 for one on a pre-publication price?

Anyway, what gets me is that he is part of that school of thought that sees Jesus in everything. You know, Isaac prefigured Christ, the circumcision prefigured Christ, every word in the OT prefigured Christ. What a pile. There is a lot there if we read it on its terms. I mean you can not read the history and say its all about the cross. But I just thought that its just so funny I had to write about it.

On a much better note: we had a great Sunday examining God's mercy. The problem is that I do not like having mercy on idiots. So there you have it.


my names christopher k jenkins . ive been a scout since first grade . ive come to know jesus and i believe he would want you to know that scouting and salvationism . are the two most singed greatest thing ever introduced to mankind , i also joined the salvation army at 17. until curently im stillenvolved with both . ive nevr had more enjoyment out of a single solitary time in my life . when i had no hope. when there was nothing else, left, (but life) i had my board of review . and it couldnt have come at a better time. i met 6 presidents , got a full pardon , records sealed , learned what a scout vehicle was , defined who i was ,improved my credit score , god himself spared no expense at my needs . as well ive seen a community rebuilt , justice restored , heck i even got an offer to go to the mere project ,, and a 1962 scout truck. just goes to show when you believe dreams come true . i can now look forward to life cause it was a gift i earned. ive even got all the tribal law documents! and a townhome . venture corp and angel investors have literall turned my life around . now i can ponder what not only life , but what god has to offer . thanx jinx @welapensit

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