Saturday, May 28, 2005


Somebody told Gordon that "we need more balance" because he focuses on social action. Well here is my comment.

O for a Teeter-totter view of the world again
Either/Or in the middle
So simple which side are you on
Black or white
Liberal or conservative
Social Action or Jesus
a crock
Need balance?
Balancing what?
Just Salvation in al its forms
Physical Mental Emotional Spiritual
Balance? What Balance?
If we don't preach salvation of the whole
Is Salvation of the part worth anything?

Well I had a very interesting conversation with one of the program directors at Harbor Light (HLC) We had a good meeting and he said he liked my input because the mission of the Army is to save the soul. I told him that that is only part of Salvation. There is a lot more to salvation then the soul. We are to save the whole person. Did Christ come just for the soul? No. Did Christ even view people as Mind, Soul, Body? And if he did...Did he ever I mean ever advocate for salvation of just one part? Why are we so screwed up then? Why do we as evangelicals (I'm not sure about using we there) only focus on one part or one at a time? Why is the single focus am I going to heaven or not?

It does not matter. Now I've done it. Now I'm a heretic (if I wasn't before). Its not my business to tell people whether they are going to heaven or hell. Its my business to invite them on the journey of knowing God. Besides if we know God and are in relationship with God (as AA says as we understand God) then we will be with God. So what's the point? And if the only reason I'm a Christian is so I don't go to hell then screw it. I mean how bad can hell be? It can not be worse then this hellish existence on earth. Thus God the rescuer. Conquering death and rescuing us from hell I mean earth I mean hell I mean all of it. So maybe hell is simply living on an endless earth without God. Jus imagine this hellish existence if God was not present.

I think I'm done ranting. But I just want to understand what it is I'm in the business of. I'm becoming quite clear about that now. So what's the point.

"We believe that it is the privilege of all believers to become wholly sanctified ad that their whole Spirit, and Soul, and Body (read whole person) may be perceived until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." Doctrine 10

Now we understand its about the person.

its about the person
its about the person
its about the person
its about the person
its about the person

Its not about heaven

Its certainly not about hell
Its certainly not about hell
Its certainly not about hell



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