Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tolani's Health

Well if you follow this site for my insanity you know my wife has had a hell (no other word fits sorry if it offends you) of a time lately. But last Friday she had a fever of 104 and we went to the ER at Cedars-Sinai. For the last four weeks we have been asking her nurosurgeon to tap her shunt and check for an infection. The not nice person (I'm trying to not swear) wouldn't do it. (you should be laughing if you know me cause I'm being good). The on call surgeon at Cedars tapped the shunt guess what? Shunt infection. But she had to get 10 times sicker then she was for Dr. Gruen to admit that there was a shunt infection. (more LOL)

So now after the surgery she lays on a bed in ICU with a headache at times. She is getting better but it will take a few weeks. I'm just pissed off that she could have been a lot better if he had checked 3 weeks ago. So I'm just a bit pissed off now that her Mom came so I got some sleep last night.

I was very scared because it took a while to arouse her. But it is getting better. I just feel so powerless. She is in so much pain and I can't do anything. That is why I'm so pissed of at the doc.



It is sad that you and Tolani are going through so much right now for whatever reason. It is always difficult to see a loved one suffer. Let us hope things will get better over time and Tolani's health will be renewed.

I should mention that your use of language is not common for officers and it would be nice if you would indicate that at times. One could get the impression that Salvation Army officers talk like that when the majority of them do not. Many of them are going through major health setbacks, too.

However, you are going through the fire lately and perhaps it makes you feel better to talk as you do.

Lloyd Michael Fletcher

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:10 AM  

Maybe being postmodern I never think to assume that anyone would ever look at one person's actions and think that those actions were indicative of all other people that may be in the same camp as them.

I guess then it should also be pointed out that Bill's political views are also not indicative of the Salvation Army. The fact that he has an interracial marriage is also not indicative of the Salvation Army leadership, nor is his fixation on the injustice in this world.

Also since Bill is a graduate of CCCU like myself and I want to state that his beliefs and opinions are not supported by the faculty and staff at CCU.

My language and opinions do not represent that of Quakers either, nor CCU as an institution.

I wonder Lloyd if Bill's use of language is not because he finds that it makes him feel better but it is a part of who he actually is. I also wonder if being postmodern we have very different views of language and while you may see it as offensive in your culture it is not in his.

Well I will leave you to ponder the language issue with a t-shirt I saw on the web: WTFWJD. To me it expresses a sense of urgency (I need to know it now), to you (when you figure out the TF stands for in WWJD) it will probably be offensive.

I also do not mean this as an attack though it certainly sounds like one, but the very nature of a personal blog is that one speaks for her/himself unless stated otherwise.

I just don't understand why Bill can't express his frustration with the medical system which is majorly f_cked up in America. I guess I am pissed off as well. I'm sorry for any hurt that I caused you. I am just venting some of my frustrations as well apparently.

By Blogger Dwight, at 10:24 AM  

Hi, Dwight!

I am not offended by Bill's language. You explained the situation very well.

A personal blog is supposed to be one in which the writer is comfortable sharing. Bill certainly "bares his soul" and is honest in his appraisal of life's realities.

Like you, I believe we should have universal health care coverage for all people. It is a matter of appropriating government funds. If our country can sustain a war and all the other excesses, we certainly can afford national health care for all our citizens.
I would suspect the insurance industry lobbies against it on a regular basis.

Having served in inner city much of my officership and watching my 51 year old late officer wife of 32 1/2 years die of cancer, I realize that watching a loved one suffer is never easy. Being a caretaker of a loved one is very difficult on both the sufferer and the helper. I felt she had every right to live and I often poured my heart out to God. The words may not have been angry words, but they were from the depths of my heart.

I do pray for Bill & Tolani to get through this health crisis. I also know Bill would be ministering to people who have so little in resources and need better health care.

God bless you, Dwight, for explaining.

Lloyd Michael Fletcher, Major (R)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:53 PM  

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