Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Commissioning and stuff

Well commissioning has come and gone. Congrats to those who are done. This makes the 4th commissioning I have gone too. The first one was long because it was all in one service and then they did an hour+ retirement service. The next two were great each meeting 2 hours and everything was timed. But then this last weekend. The first meeting went almost three hours and the second one went 2 1/2 hours with half as many captains. The only thing I can say is too much talking. It seemed like everyone talked forever. Now it was great to see the Prepares go to their places and all but it was too long.

Anyway I have been continuing Generous Orthodoxy but I don't have much to say other then great.

Have not been feeling well lately with a cold so i am exhausted. I am sitting here wanting to go to sleep with 3 more meeting yet today.

Anyway, life is good. I love what i am doing.

One thing is bugging me though. Its this. I hear all the time here and at commissioning how great God and how he is in control. And in the little things the puppet master philosophy works. God is directing and stuff. But in the bigger thing can I say that? Could I say that if I was in Iraq right now with an occupation force there? Could i say that if I was on 5th street for whatever reason? Could I say that if I struggled to feed my family in a 1 bedroom apartment? I mean we Americans (specifically middle class) is so keen on believing that our middle class American god is in total control because he is blessing us. What will happen when America is no longer, or when America becomes the occupied, will God still be in control?



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