Tuesday, June 21, 2005

An email

Well I checked my yahoo email and this was there.

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 12:08:43 -0500
To: wfinley_2000@yahoo.com
From: "Worldview Weekend" Add to Address Book
Subject: Your Antidote for Liberalism and Christian Happy-talk

Worldview Weekend is proud to announce the unveiling of its latest premier website!

Christian Worldview Network: Your Antidote for Liberalism and Christian Happy-Talk

Finally there is a cutting edge website that includes articles, columns and news from a Christian worldview perspective that is not afraid to take on the politically correct and Christian-happy talk crowd. Why? Because two of the greatest threats to America are the liberals in the church and liberals outside of the church.

Featured articles and columns by: David Barton, Ray Comfort, Brannon Howse, Tim Wildmon, Rick Green, Kirk Cameron, Ron Carlson, Jason Carlson, Todd Friel, David Wheaton, Ingrid Schlueter, Kerby Anderson, Lowell and Tamara Scott, Steve Crampton, Woodrow Kroll, Dennis Wright, Eric Holmberg, David Noebel and more to be announced.

Visit www.christianworldviewnetwork.com to better understand the times and know what to do to defend of faith, family and freedoms and proclaim biblical evangelism and the Christian worldview.

Please forward this e-mail to two friends to let them know about Christian Worldview Network. www.christianworldviewnetwork.com

So I thought I'd rant a bit about it. First, I am proud to be called a threat to America if thier America is Bush's neocon capitalist america. The problem is that these people (I am not using the christian word on purpose) are more concerned about America then they are the church.

So here is my thought for today. A good American, by the neocon's (neo-conservative: a small part of the GOP however they are in power) definition, can not be a good christian, using Christ's definition of Love God and Neighboor. The neocon agenda will do anything for power. They lied, See Downing Street Memo, to get into war. They are employing numerous mercenaries in Iraq to protect assets which the corporations stole, believe that only certain people should be free, if freedom is your right to choose your own government, and most importantly the essence of neocon agenda is the rich get richer (Exxon-Mobil is showing record profits) and the poor get screwed.

Now that statment is highly political. I guess I'm just sick of neocons being able to use god (an American Christ is not a real Christ)to baptize thier politics. Its time that Christians start speaking out and proclaiming what really matters. Love God and Love of neighboor, no matter if your neighboor is american, Iraqi, Afgan, or even anti-american. I mean think about it. What would we do if we were the poor and constantly seeing the rich of our nation pursecuting the poor with the supperpower's blessing? I don't know I just think we need to realize that we meaning our policies and economic system of slavery (there have always bee slaves in our economic system we just don't see them anymore, think China and Bangladesh) are indeed responsible to a degree.

Now I come with a bias. I am a pacifist. WWII was justified except that we didn't fight to free the Jews or even Europe we fought out of retaliation. Furthermore, we knew what was happening to the Jews and we sent them back. No, we fought only when our interests (ie money) was in jeopardy. That said good was accomplished in WWII.

However, the war in Iraq is not justified he lied to congress and should be impeached but I'd rather that liar the Cheney. So I guess we are stuck because for two elections they meaning neocons used illegal election day ploys to get the liar elected.

that's enough though.

If your conservative and really believe that bush is a good guy and doing a good thing, fine just don't baptize it with God speak.

My God is not an American!

Let me repeat:

My God is not an American!


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