Monday, June 27, 2005

Generous Orthodoxy

I was taking a quick thinking break so I read a chapter of McLaren.

I find McLaren to be like a breath of fresh air most of the time.

But I found this to way heavy on my heart:

Stories like these bring us to repentance and regret (atrocities committed by "christians"). There are many cleaver and pleasant ways of wriggling out of this repentance and regret. But to squirm out is to betray both orthodoxy and generosity of spirit. There is a high cost to repentance, to be sure: our pride, our superiority, our complacency, our smugness, our self-confidence, our judgmentalism all will feel the sharp sting of the shot of repentance. But there is a high cost to non-repentance, too, and I hope you will ponder that cost for a while before you read the next sentence. (Generous Orthodoxy 273)

That is a lot to ponder. The consequences of non-repentance could be grave. As I think about it more I realize that we must repent. We must repent for things we have done (individually) and what WE have done (all christians).

With that in mind I apologize for all abuse committed in the name of my tribe the salvation army.


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