Monday, June 27, 2005


I try to make it a habit of not posting in the morning (I'd prefer to make it a habit of sleeping at 8 AM to but here we are in downtown so I can't make that habit. Over the weekend my wife and I stumbled across an interesting discussion from Salvationists up north (Canada). The question was one of covenant and in many ways what the purpose of the Articles of War/Soldiers Covenant/Church membership papers. I will probably speak to this latter. What I want to focus on is what happens to people when they leave officership or soldiership.

I have to admit, all too often if someone leaves the Army too often we treat them like they don't exist anymore. I think its worse for officers. They are forbid to talk about it, I mean our friends couldn't even go to commissioning of officers they helped trained. I think in many cases it is a punishment. Many believe that a call to officership is unique and for life. So if a person leaves then they are outside of God's will. I've heard this espoused by many. What garbage. But my main point is this. If we don't treat our own who leave for whatever reason with generousity and mercy, no wonder why many leave. So, if you have experienced this abuse, I'm sorry. I know that it doesn't mean much, I mean coming from a lowly young captain who has very unique views on officership and the army (none of which I post here) but there it is. I'm sorry if colleagues of mine have used soldiership as a battering ram or solely for stats. I'm sorry if you were told that the covenant has some sort of sacramental baggage tied to it. I'm sorry if those you thought were friends turned their back on you when you left. I'm sorry if officers beat you for not feeling some great attachment to "The Army" (I mean the organization as opposed to local community). In short I'm sorry.


Your viewpoint is like a breath of frsh air. The SA needs more foreward thinking like yours. It is trapped to its knees in it's own mud these days, and it needs to hear what "Lowly Captains" have to say.

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