Monday, June 06, 2005

Not Much

Well we are off to social service camp this week back in time for commissioning on Friday and Saturday. I have not had many profound thought recently.

But here is one. For the most part I was taught to preach in the same way at two different schools. It went like this.
1) do a lot of research, ie commentaries, word studies, and dictionaries.
2) start with an outline
3) get a detailed outline or write it out
4) practice a few times so its polished and professional
5) deliver it eloquently

So here is my prep.
1)Read the text a few times
2) Think about it
3) determine the big idea or the point I want to convey
4) read a bit on it (a few "liberal" commentaries and some historical interp)
5) Think about it
6) Talk about it (preach it)
Its is not anything dynamic nor should it be. I often talk with metaphors that come to me on the spot. It seems to work. Maybe if more people preached real sermons ie talked to me then I would not fall asleep or read during sermons. (I should get plenty of reading done this weekend.)


You read during sermons as well? I still can't stand sermons because they are so absolutely boring. This is what happens when the same person has to come up with new material every week. The job should really be split among the group members (of course I base all of my what should church look like from WGA), but then what would the Pastor do without all of that power? Maybe they could continue to help people with their extra time.

Thus says the real Dwight, who had Bill stay on two of my couches before.

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