Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Too whomever

To whomever posted a link to the scripturist...
If you had posted under your own name then it would have been okay...
But since you used another persons name...
Please do not come back...

I would hope that you would have the guts to post under your own name. If it was an error, I do not know how, then fine at least post it with your own name.

Now, to everyone else. Life is good. I am continuing to read generous Orthodoxy. His thoughts about Liberal/conservative were great. My problem is that politically I am liberal. In 90% of the word. In fact I have purged just about every conservative part of my mind. I still have personal morals that are a little conservative. But, those are my/communities morals. I can not impose them on anyone else. So in our political system I only see liberal and conservative. Except for the third class...Crook (President Cheney included). I mean there is not an option where we see generous politics. So until it comes I'm a liberal. But when it comes to faith communities. Yes I suppose I am liberal in many eyes. Some would find me a little conservative or see me as a conservative because I'm in a conservative denomination. In some ways I am a bit. The problem is that the terms mean nothing. They are especially meaningless in the African-American community. Often they will preach conservative and liberation theology side by side. You see the terms are meaningless. Someday new terms will be developed but that day is not today. So I just am. I think I answer no/yes or yes/no to everything theological so someday someone will be able to label me. Hopefully they do not call me insane and lock me up. So blessings to you all.


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