Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Congrats Matt

Well my long time friend (first met my sophomore year of high school) and best man at my wedding is going to have his second kid.

I have to admit I am having mixed feelings. I am elated for him. But I am also sad. I'm sad because I ask, why us, why can't we have kids, is something wrong, is it all my fault?

So those are the feelings I have. I do not really understand any of it.

But I have to admit, friendship is a great thing. You see my best friends all live at least 2 hours away, most live more then a days drive. So here I am. What I am beginning to realize is how precious friendship is. That is odd because I do not make friends easily at all. Deep down I am afraid of people really knowing me. I guess I have grown a lot in this area or so I'm told but I just am afraid often of being hurt.

But on to better subjects it looks as though Carl Rove might go down but we will see.

I guess I just am grateful for those who consider me a friend.



Hi Bill,

You don't know who this is... but when I'm through you'll know who.
My heart grieves for you and Tolani over your loss. I wish I could know what to say to you when your hurting, maybe you would talk to me more about stuff... maybe not. Throughout the years, you've always been there when I needed someone... always willing to lend an ear... or a shoulder for me to cry on. I have a very deep respect for you and Tolani. Even when it seemed like the whole world turned its back on me and my daughter... you were still there. Your more then a friend your a brother.
I love you both and P.S. - Don't listen to mom!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:46 PM  

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