Saturday, July 30, 2005

Life and Everything else

Well another week has come and gone.

Life on 5th street is interesting and good. We are finding our roles some good counseling, and just doing whatever I can to help people. Sometimes working with addicts can be a pain the lower regions. I mean its worse when they are musicians. I told my wife that sometimes I wish I was Episcopalian so I wouldn't have to mess with musicians. But all is working itself out.

Why is it that I have a hard time listening to sermons? I listen to talk radio (liberal talk and sports) all the time. But sermons come and I don't listen long. It doesn't matter who it is my wife included. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to not have church on Sundays? I mean to be part of some form of church but not the leader? I imagine that I couldn't do it. I would listen to 4 or 5 bs sermons that 1 proof texted or 2 told cheesy stories with a point that doesn't matter or 3 listened to good sermons and saw people just sitting there not working for justice and I would be done. So how do I get my congregation to be a church and not do any of those things? I guess I just wonder how I can lead if every model of church I've ever seen I've deconstructed. So I guess we build a spiritual AA fellowship type of Church. I mean I guess in recovery that is what we should do. How could that change how we do church and Sundays?


You know what, I think you're on to something. A healthy, thriving, sermon-less church is possible when everyone who's part of the community is freed up and empowered to share. In my church we have open, particapatory meetings. We all take responsibility for the direction of the church. Usually no one shares for more than four minutes, but you quite frequently remember what someone said!

For more resources on this, feel free to email me or check out my web directory here.

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