Friday, July 22, 2005

Thoughts while camping

I wrote this post a couple days ago:

This is to be posted to my blog at a latter date.

7/19/2005 4:54 PM

I have just finished reading a fair amount of the last word. I found the study on the history of hell interesting. I never knew where the idea came from of if I did I forgot.

Prior to reading my take on the beginning and the end were basically the same. Who cares, what does it matter? God created, God will return, lets get on with living. So now I read a book that essentially is saying it does matter. What? Why? But then Neil repeats himself so much. It’s not about heaven and hell. But it matters?

I am slowly seeing what he is talking about. We need to be concerned about why does Jesus use the judging metaphors? I like the idea that Justice and Wrath could be different sides of the same coin. I mean when the oppressed see justice coming it will look like wrath to the oppressors. So I wonder when justice will come to Iraqis and what will we (the oppressors) call it? I mean in a way the Allied forces were an instrument of God’s wrath and justice. The answered the Jew’s and other’s prayers at the same time brought wrath upon the oppressors. I mean this all makes a little sense.

So now I wonder is hell real? I mean I think a hell has to exist. There is just too much evil. But if it is there what is it? I mean what metaphors can we use? How can I describe it? Is there a purpose in describing it?

I think I’m at a point of I don’t know. In fact I think I only care if someone can show me a reason to care. I think I am still at the God comes back stage.


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