Sunday, July 17, 2005

Vacation and other words

Well we started our vacation 2 hours ago. My niece is here and all is good.

Tuesday we will go camping, tomorrow to the pier.

Had a question the other day he said so and so said that when we die our spirit goes to heaven but he had always been told our souls need saving. So how do those reconcile. I did my best told him that what so and so described as spirit was what he was describing as soul. It seemed to help. Another guy has marital problems, I offer counseling hope he takes it. So much is done on the fly, stopped in the hall, outside, or making copies. It really does matter I say to myself.

So today I started McLaren's new book "The Last word and the Word After That" I have decided not to post any quotes from the book. I will be copying the poems in chapter 3 later and putting them in my office.

Anyway, I want to reflect about two things that have come up. First, church abuse. In the work of fiction Dan (a pastor) is being abused by a few powerful people in his church. It is interesting, I am so cognizant of how pastors and officers can abuse I haven't really ever thought of how pastors can be abused by congregates or by other pastors.

Second, Kindness. Dan was called a kind man. What a great compliment. I wonder if people will say that about me. I mean at times I am but sometimes I wonder. I wonder/fear/question others opinions of me. I hope I am seen as kind even if I am a young professional who hates.

ties that is.

I ran into the DC wearing jeans (at Harborlight Fridays as jean day) he asked if I always dress like that I said no I'm in uniform (class c, dress pants and a logo t-shirt or class b, fatigue uniform no tie) Monday thru Thursday but ties on the other hand they are just evil.

They should be worn as little as possible.

So I do hate.



Ties really do have a purpose: They protect the shirt from soup stains.

God bless you!

Michael Fletcher

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