Monday, August 15, 2005


Not much to say.
I went to Denver last week and learned a lot about Veterans and the social service world. They are fighting on capital hill over 20+ million a year for programs to help homeless vets find work. They just approved 1+ BILLION on a stupid war that will screw up a new batch of vets. That thought process is really messed up.

But other then that the conference was great learning what other people and organizations are doing.

Wednesday we celebrate 2 years together. A great 2 years since we got married. On one level it seems like much longer. I've forgotten what its like to be single in many ways. On another level it seems like it just happened. Two years, where has the time gone? But I wouldn't change anything. I love Tolani with my whole heart.

Anyway, football season starts in a bit.

Go seahawks.

Lets hear it for the Raider Haters!



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