Monday, August 29, 2005

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I think I'll use this post to ramble just a bit.

I've been following the whether mess in the south and all I can say is wow. I don't have any other words except I'm sorry you have to go through it.

Life on the nickel is interesting. I am fitting in well with my role here at the Harbor light. I feel like what is being done here is truly furthering God's kingdom.

I ran into an evangelical a couple weeks ago. We was still in primary (under 14 days) I preached my sermon from James 5 about prayer (individual and private) he had the nerve to come up and say "you didn't invite people to be saved that is what church is all about." I just looked at him and said church is about more then saying a short prayer for that matter so is Salvation.

My Salvation has been essentially this over the last few months: If you want true Salvation then work the process attend the step meetings seek God.

But this brings me to my struggles T and I talked last night about my thoughts on Sundays. To be honest Sundays don't really do much for me. The music is good but empty to me. Preaching is preaching I'd rather teach and be interactive more. But I think the biggest issue is that my community is not there. I wonder if I was not an officer would I go to church? I don't know, probable but I would want something that resembled a small AA meeting where people can open up and share their crap and not it goes nowhere else. For me I think that is church. But for most others something about or service works, it helps, its part of their recovery, so I have a duty to help them and provide leadership.

But leading to what, to where, that is the question. I really have no vision for where it will go, there are many reasons why but I just don't see any direction. Maybe that is okay but it drives me nuts because I lead by vision. Hopefully we will develop one soon or I will see something.

On other notes: God's season is coming. NFL is around the corner. Seahawks look good I hope they will kick but and take names.


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