Friday, September 23, 2005

This and that (a.k.a. why church?)

Well I've been sick the last couple days. Some virus that they can't give me anything for. Two hours in the doctors for nothing. The executive director of Harborlight and his wife are both celebrating 20 some years of sobriety and are getting cakes today so while I should be in bed I'm downtown for a couple more hours.

On a brighter side Tolani is pregnant again. 7 weeks so far none of the others lasted past 6. We saw the yolk sack so everything is on pace. Hopefully all will go well. Not to excited yet though I am just hopeful after this last year of hell on earth I guess hoping is all I can do. I do not know what I will think or feel if she miscarries again.

It looks like we will be attending the National Social Service Conference next March in Toronto. I am really looking forward to it. The Army seems supportive of the path we are choosing as far as Social Services goes. Its why we are here and what are called to doing.

Gordon has had an interesting discussion concerning segregation and church. I think the issue is two things. 1 people like sameness, we work with people in the same field, we are friends with those who have the same interests, we go to church with people with the same beliefs and practices, All adds us to church like me. The second issue is this: What is church? I mean why do we meet on Sundays and stuff? I am curious. Lets face it if we answer this question the answer of segregation plays itself out.

So, Why Church?


Phil Yancey wrote a book called Why Church? Interestingly he mentions that in the times he has been looking for a new church - he looks and if there is anyone remotely like him he looks elsewhere! Which is interesting?

By Blogger Gordon, at 2:03 AM  

Ouch - I can empathise with you on the miscarriages, and you two will be in my thoughts and prayers. I've only had the one, and no subsequent pregnancy... God is gracious, he won't give me more than I can handle. And that miscarriage, despite the closeness of God felt all the way through, was almost more than I could handle by itself. What am I trying to say? I guess that I understand some of what you're feeling, and that I will be thinking of you - I won't be able to help it.

By Blogger Evangeline, at 8:25 PM  

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