Saturday, September 24, 2005

Thoughts on "Becoming Convergent"

Brian McLaren has written a very interesting article in response to critics the whole thing is here. I read it and a few things jumped out at me. I guess I live in the backwoods of christiandom but I have not read or seen any of the criticism but I know those who have. It seems as though much of it is centered around "Generous Orthodoxy". I just think the critics are too afraid of fiction because "The Last word" is much more heretical. But let me say this. Brian gets too much credit and too much blame. I guess because him and Len Sweet are the elder statesmen for this growing band of postmoderns he gets put into the front. His church is in a position to let him travel and write. He has a great way with words if I had his skill with words many others would read this blog. In short he has a lot going for him much as did Stan (we lost him much to early) but I know one thing for certain. (If certainty is possible this side of heaven) Brian is not a postmodern by birth, nor does he speak for all postmoderns, nor is he an expert on the subject. Furthermore, he never claims to be. He is respected no doubt. But he is respected because he is fellow traveler. He is respected because what he writes and says come out of his life.

Moderns have it backwards for postmoderns. (not to say they are backwards for everyone) Moderns go from theory and dogma into life. I guess it works for them but as postmodern I see a problem. What is stated is not always and only rarely a description of reality. This is why postmoderns such as myself (a half breed half born half trained) and Brian (a trained postmodern by choice) have such an issue with modern salvation. It doesn't line up with the gospels or with reality. I mean if all it took was a simple prayer then there would be no addiction. And after 200 or so years of this dogma our world has gone to hell. "All that matters is the eternal (or so the platonic Christian spew goes) so why do I have to care about the environment?" "Christ died for me, he choose me, so we can kill them." "God wants everyone rich if you believe" These common statements I heard growing up, in college, in The Army, on TBN, last Sunday, and in various comments at times simply do not match up with the reality I see every day.

Theology or Thoughts about the Kingdom of God must come from a community of people in proper relationship with God and each other who let scripture read them not visa versa. You see true theology is not biblical first, it is relational first. Only in proper relationship can we properly live scripture. And Living scripture not knowing scriptural facts is what its all about anyway.

All I ask (and I think this will resonate with many postmoderns) is that before you decide something is true for all time and place please just live it there first. I think we might start to see why we deconstruct such truth.


Great post!

That is the major problem with most churches today. Instead of reasoning together as a community and getting the community's voice about theological statements and actions we normally have a mentality that someone else will and perhaps should tell us what to think and do.

What is ironic is that the people will never do the things the leadership wants of them because the people are paying someone else to do the work of ministry for them.

Without going on too much, I saw this in my last church where the leadership was big on having everyone read their Bible daily yet in all the sermons the greek/hebrew words were used to tell us what the text "really said." Thus why should anyone read the Bible when they couldn't read what it really said in the first place?

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