Saturday, October 08, 2005

Interesting life

Well you can go over to Tolani's blog to see the news. T is about 9 weeks pregnant. Everything looks good so far. I don't which frightens me more though, miscarriage or delivery. If all goes well in May life will be changed forever. That frightens me a great deal. I mean after years where established patterns where built and all that we will be parents. I will be responsible for someone else. What scares me is my tendency to be controlling. I hope I won't be too controlling. But the other side is that I don't want to be so absorbed in my work that I fail to be involved in its life. I guess I am afraid that I won't be afraid to find balance. I suck at balance anyway and I just hope I will be able to balance it all.

On another note: Seahawks and Rams tomorrow.

Go Hawks they better win this one.

We go to Solvang CA Tuesday for Officers Councils. I wish I could say I'm looking forward to it. But we still don't realize that structured meetings are not the best way to do OC. But I guess because I see the point being re-creation not just education. Hope this will be better then the last.



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