Friday, October 14, 2005

Officer Councils

Well we went up to Solvang a town that shuts down at 5PM. Listened to some good stuff on Ethics and stuff. My only issue is that most presenters at OC always try to bite of too much. Lots of stuff with little depth. A day on Ethics instead of 2 hours would have been nice.

We talked about margin and being a redemptive presence. I have to respond to the DC tomorrow so I will post my thoughts tomorrow.

Today we had our social services audit.

I was told to keep a "seekers log" Like I'm supposed to keep track of everyone who "makes a decision" whatever that means. I guess when I, not being an evangelical, interact with this evangelical stuff I go off. I don't intend to but it just infuriates me because it says all I should be concerned about is some sort of decision to be a Christian. Odd that they go out and use the next day. Salvation is being worked out everyday in peoples lives there. And I'm supposed to be responsible for 200 guys spirituality? I thought spirituality was a choice the person made. I can see his heart though. He wants to see people know God I just have a very different understanding of what that means. I've yet to give a salvation altar call. Just a lot of calls to talk with God, grow in recovery, and begin to know God.

But I came home and we watched "Captain Gabriel" some youth DVD the army did. I am purposely not saying anything right now. Any officers who have seen it, what did you think?


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