Sunday, October 16, 2005


Weekends in the fall mean one thing:
USC Notre Dame Game was the best I've seen in ages. USC still undefeated.
Raiders LOST!
Seahawks just got finished putting a whoppin on the Texans (I know t don't mean much but I can rarely see the Hawks play)
All in all a great football weekend.
Only two down sides:
Washington Huskies loosing (but we expect that don't we?)
Denver winning.
But hey Denver has Plummer as a quarterback its only a matter of time before he destructs.

So at 4-2 the Hawks are rolling. Bring on whoever is next to fall to the best offense in the game.

Re-sign Alexander!

Other then that not much is new.

The baby is doing well so far so good. I'm hoping for a boy so I teach him God's game. Tolani threatens that he might like the unsport of soccer (God forbid)

Since no one has commented on Captain Gabriel here are my thoughts:
graphically-worse then original Nintendo
socially-the wife was not even referred to as captain (just Mrs.)
Theologically-Placed; hunger, addiction, disasters, and TV all on the same level as evils needing conquered. I simply can not go here. All these are different. And hunger is not the evil. The cause of hunger is evil. Disasters simply happen. Addiction can not be put here because addiction is primarily and individual one person at a time. We can not conquer addiction only the addict can in their own life.
TV? Simply not evil. (unless TBN is on or something.)


Bill said,

"I'm hoping for a boy so I teach him God's game. Tolani threatens that he might like the unsport of soccer (God forbid)"

LOL. And this,

"graphically-worse then original Nintendo...TV? Simply not evil. (unless TBN is on or something.)"

LOL, again!

I've just been reading Subversive Influence and LOL. He picks up a quote in which Rick Warren compares PDL churches to the Windows OS of the 21st century and comes to this conclusion,

"So in a nutshell, if Rick Warren himself wishes to compare the whole PDL-program with an outmoded (modern) command/control greed-inspired system comprised of second-rate technology presenting a glossed-over veneer of stolen ideas built upon a shoddy insecure foundation…. well, who am I to argue?"

Off topic I know, but hey, Denver won and that's what this post was all about, right?

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