Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Well the baby is doing well according to the ultrasound. To be honest I am still a bit scared. I mean being a father is not something I ever would have though 3 1/2 years ago. I guess I am simply afraid of it all. Afraid of failing (always my biggest fear) afraid that I won't be a good parent. I don't know just afraid. Friday is Veterans day and we are closed so we will take the day of. Harry Potter comes out the 18th so that should be a good date night before hell (aka Christmas kettles) starts. Some days I just wish for the 9-5. But that would drive me nuts.

So, here I am waiting for choir practice to end so we can go home. Every Wednesday I begin to think that the churches without music are on to something.

More about the baby, Tolani is going nuts because her next appointment is the first week of December and we may or may not find out sex. More likely we will find out during a 2 hour ultrasound with the specialist that looks at all kind of stuff. She don't want to wait that long. I don't know why. Its just another piece of info. I mean we still have 6 months of this.

Seahawks are 6-2 and will be 7-2 after they pound the Rams.

So latter y'all.


Congratulations on the baby! Our congregation is praying for the three of you. And last but not least, GO SEAHAWKS! 7-2, Mike is pretty excited about them, the kids and I have even been watching the games with him. Blessings, Nancy

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