Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bah Humbug, Happy Thanksgiving, and all that

Bah Humbug, Happy Thanksgiving, and all that

I figure as long as I am an officer with kettles I will stand by my bah humbug stance. Its all too commercial anyway. It means family and shopping and stuff so you can tell I absolutely love Christmas.

Anyway, our kettles are going well so far. Hopefully we will have a good weekend. I just hope that I will b able to exceed the budget and get enough to complete the work on our chapel. It will be worth it then.

Baby is well we will know boy or girl before Christmas.

Our choir director goes to another church as well. There church will last 4 or more hours. I told her that this white likes church the way we have it, in and out in a hour and a half. If I could make it an hour I would. Boredom for me is doing the same thing over and over. The same songs, beat, words, whatever. I dream of church where no two Sundays where ever the same. I just don't have the creative juices to pull it off.

The week has been busy. Advisory board title for the stage, kettles, my route has be driving 6+ hours a day. Plus my mom is here. (I'll say nothing more on hat subject).

Needless to say thinking has not been something I've been doing much of. Life goes on and I keep getting up in the morning. We are going to Chinese food latter. I hope you all enjoyed your turkey.

Anyway, I hope to do some thinking on the incarnation as we go through this season. I'll post what I am thinking about latter.



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