Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Here I stand

Here I stand on sandy ground
slipping falling running in place
Concrete would be easier
But the view is better here
everywhere I look people are running
runing to the rocks
they are tired of walking
the rock is safe, secure
but you can go nowhere
I guess I would rather be walking then sitting
feeling the sand then sitting on the rock
I'd rather risk then safe
Rather play with fire then stay cold
So I keep on walking
I know if I climb a rock I'll stay
Gotta keep moving
Gotta keep moving could be comfortable up there on the rock
No work no thinking
But it was so boring up there
I used to be up there one just like it
Some people waved me down said I was missing out
So started walking
It was hard after being raised on the rock
the sand is hard work
but it never gets boring
I'll never go back to the rock
I'll never go back to the rock
So I keep moving.


Bill that was helpful thanks. I made me remember - walking along the rocks along a rocky coastline in spain when we were on holiday. Actually it wasn't that easy - we ended up with scratches and a turned ankle - but it was safer than the raging ocean.

By Blogger Gordon, at 1:12 AM  

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