Saturday, November 05, 2005

The other day

The other day I got angry (read really angry aka...) at the church. It all started on Wednesday.

The man walked into my office and shut the door. Said he wanted to meet regularly during his stay here, I asked why? He said I'm homosexual and mad at God. He recounted church after church the best ones stating "homosexuality is a sin but no different then the gossiping." He ended up starting to get overly involved in gay and lesbian church and his meetings started to slip. He finally was through playing the game and quit church. He relapsed soon after. He felt like he had an issue with God and yet was playing church.

Now, I do not want to get into a gay debate. For him that was the trigger. He feels guilty because the church had told him it was wrong. After talking here was the problem: for so long he had been told God this, God that, Bible this, Bible that, Church, God, Bible all the same. He could not keep them straight. I asked him to think about how these three are different. You see I believe the Church in many shades has perpetrated a pile of crap on America. We have told people that in thought, word, and deed that God, the bible, and church are one. We don't where one stops and the others begin. We say God is holy, as is the church and bible. God revealed himself to us through the bible alone so if we know the bible we know god. The church is god's body so to be part is to be in communion with God. Now some of this good but we should have a beginners class for all. God is God, Church is Church, and Bible is Bible. A lofty view of church is good but inaccurate. Church is simply a gathering on imperfect people trying to Love God and others (I guess this is a lofty view because usually church is a bunch of self important people who sing a few songs and sleep through a boring sermon just to get home and watch football or a bunch of overly religious fanatics who believe that all others are going to hell unless they convert.) The bible is a divine and human book. It has a lot for us and parts will form us if we let it but parts are simply history or census numbers, or contradicts itself. We must learn that while God has used it and continues to use it to reveal Godself to humanity we also have general revelation. (creation and the like) Revelation is God talking it is not God. Furthermore, the bible is a group of written documents written to specific people at a specific time. We must constantly remember this. So the bible is a timely book where God is timeless. God is the loving triune timeless one. Every description is different because description comes from two places. Either we describe the God we have been given (and the more churches the more messed up your given God concept is) or you describe the God with who you have a relationship. This relationship will be unique and different so your description of God will be as well. Anyway, I guess I'm angry at the church because too often the story is the same, here is your God its just like mine, and Oh by the way I know your homosexual and God hates that so you'd better stop, cuse God hates sin. Or the more accurate BTW God hates fags. At least the out there offensive jerks are not deceiving people with sweet sounding language.

Reason #2 I am angry at the church. We are counseling a couple. During the husbands addiction he has hit her and cheated on her. I really she should have left long ago but she is sicker then he is. He knows he is sick. She thinks that God will change him. God told her that God will change him all he needs is Jesus. He doesn't need the info of his addiction, he doesn't need help and groups he needs deliverance. Besides she believes in marriage because she "fears the wrath of Jesus." I guess I'm pissed at the church because parts of it (not all but way too many) feed this, create this, and breed this bull. A pastor should have told her long ago to leave the SOB. But instead she thinks He's oppressed and he needs to let his holy spirit shine out. Because he is always gloomy. If the Spirit was with him he'd be happy. She said Al-Anon was just info and Jesus enough. I'm sorry, in every instance I have met someone like this there has always been a "church" or group is the better word with a pastor spewing this bull. We will meet once more if he wants and I will refer them because my Pentecostal baggage (raised it deconstructed it and vehemently disagree with it) will come though.

So, there you go that is why I am mad at the Church today.

Please no if the comments become all about homosexuality I will be staying mostly silent I know I serve a God of mercy.



It hurts seeing people hurt by something you're part of, doesn't it? :-(

By Blogger Evangeline, at 7:29 PM  

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