Thursday, December 29, 2005

Life is like...

Life is like new shoes.

Doc said the other day,
Gotta get new shoes,
Leather lace ups would be good,
So hunting I went,
Found some in wide width in a back room of Penny's.

Now I break them in,
Man my feet hurt.

So here is life is like new shoes.

Life is like a shoe that is stiff
Life is like a shoe that needs to be broken in
Life is like a shoe that eventually gets comfortable
Life is like a shoe that eventually wears out.
So life is also like shopping for just the right shoe.

I guess this sum's up the transitions we make in life.
My Payless shoes lasted 5 months or so.
New balance shoes last me 9 months
My Teva's would last years.

I guess life is like that too. May will bring new shoes. I just hope they are easier to break in then these.


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