Monday, December 05, 2005


Well yesterday we had lunch with two of the best people in the world, they married us are he is now teaching High school in Texas. Two of my best friends now do this, I think they are both crazy but doing and amazing thing. If more were like them I might be out of a job.

Kettles are going well, we are on target to surpass our goal. I just can't help but wonder if the 13 hour days are worth it. I am not sure they are.

Life keeps going here. Last week I sat with a guy in my office who is well educated and we worked through foundationalism and Quine's theory of knowledge. I essentially told him that is okay to be postmodern. He felt guilty because he couldn't be modern, he has doubts and questions, he learns and grows, Its okay to be uncertain. So I'll give him Primer to read and see where that goes.

Anyway, baby is fine we will find out after Christmas boy or girl. Tolani is good just tired but so am I these days. 3 weeks left then I will finally get to sleep in!

Well tonight my Seahawks will run over the eagles!

I'll talk about that tomorrow.



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