Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry freaking Christmas

Well in 3 hours I will be finished. Sunday will come and go and I can enjoy my day or so of rest. I hope it will happen sooner then latter. But, facts are facts I really don't like Christmas much. I guess the best thing is is that we are far from family. I survived the parties I wish they had not happened. Gifts are under the tree and more wont get wrapped I just don't care. Got some good flat presents. And gave some too. I just want this to be over with.

Every Christmas I go into a command and control mode. I do well at kettles I have never had a down year. I run it like a business and I just keep going. I constantly make decisions and I am good at it. The problem is that I have difficulty turning it off. So sometimes Tolani feels like I have the same mindset at home. So I am learning that what makes me most effective, one of my greatest assets is also a great weakness.



I received a "walking prayer" that I learned during my daily commutes from the office: "Lord, don't let me bring home emotional leftovers." Every day, everybody else got the best of me, and my family go what was left. That prayer was based on a comment my wife shared with me.

Maybe you have grist for the mill to craft a walking prayer for your situation.

pax Christi,


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