Friday, December 02, 2005

Re: Shorty

I resent that this site is always depressing just most of the time. The Seahawk posts are not depressing unless your a raider fan.

But anyway the season of Christmas has two problems kettles (and the 13 hour days) and obligatory stuff. Family being the biggest. But I suppose if you like your family its a good thing. I love mine as long as they are far away.

You see I am a cynical person. I enjoy seeing the bad of life. It helps me enjoy what good there is. I love the rain and the dark, I am afraid of the sun. I need isolation I loath those Christmas party things. I go cause I have to, expected to, but wanting to run away.

So I spend my day trapped in car with shelter clients and one ADD boy (sort of he's 45). So that is what I do, It is why I love the dark side. So if I am cynical and dark I guess it is simply being honest.

Yes soon I will be a dad it scares the crap out of me. I'm not yet excited just scared. Only a trip to the dark side can tell us why.

So in this season with red and green decorations and light all over, embrace the dark and walk in the rain it does a body good. And now on to kettles the joy of my heart. I wish I could justify not really doing them in my own mind. But sucking at tasks is something I can not do unless I want to prove something and what would that prove? Nothing, so now I drive.

Signing off from the dark side of life.



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