Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tookie and all else

The execution (state sanctioned murder?) of Tookie Williams has been getting a lot of play out here in Cali. I guess it has me thinking again.

I think Arnold is a guttless wonder. He issues a statement afraid to face the public.

I think execution is no different then murder. Then again war is about the same too, the only difference is who has the power and who writes the history. To many a murder is a hero.

I think the family saying "we now have closer" is just another way of saying "we have retribution"

I think those who oppose abortion and support the death penalty are logically and theological inconsistent.

I think Tookie would have done no harm locked in prison the rest of his life.

I think Tookie killed those people, but two wrongs don't make right.

I think we need leaders with guts.

I think Arnold will find himself out of office soon.

I think Arnold has joined bush as a man with bloody hands.

I think we need to get past retribution.

I think Christmas is about peace and forgiveness.

I think retribution is about getting even.

I think it took a lot for people not to riot. They set the best example.

I think they created a Martyr.


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