Friday, December 09, 2005

Why I'm not on Xanga

Most know by now that there are many SA officers out there with bloggs. Many use Xanga. My issue with Xanga is simple. Most people who use Xanga are in rings (ie only reading and linking to Army blogs.) In addition with so many officers out there internal disputes rise up. I mean people are now apologizing for being tired, sad, depressed, struggling, or any other feeling during this 90+ hour work weeks from hell we call Christmas. My advise NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR POSTING YOUR TRUE FEELINGS. Shorty said I'm always negative. Good. I'm not but I am cynical and I hate what Christmas does to me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I hate it!

So there I hate what we have done to Christmas.
I hate the party's
I hate kettles
I hate decorations
I hate it all!

I a few weeks I won't hate it. No, parts I will miss the driving, the alone time, but I'm sick, tired and right now I want to be done!

Do I feel guilty? No of course not.
So, Shorty don't apologize for hating what Christmas is doing to your family. It Sucks!
Erin, Don't feel guilty for complaining. Your not, your venting. You still get up the next day and do what we have to do.
SA Christmas is not a trial. It is voluntary stupidity. We knew it, some of us ran it, and we have nothing to say except I knew it and I still signed up.

Still, we have the right and should I believe vent and explore what is wrong with the system.

Anyway, keep it up 2 weeks to go.


Hey Bill, Your right. You do bring up alot of valid points. And for the record I don't think your always negative or depressing.. just when your blogging...(kidding, you know i care about you and Tolani)...sometimes your actually pretty cool. There I said it.(gasp, choke, vomit) =-)

By Blogger shorty, at 12:30 AM  

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