Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bring on the Steelers!

What a day!
Church was good but today I know there is a God, and God is Seahawk fan!
What could be better:
Denver getting their tails kicked all over Invesco/mile high/who cares! Great!
But wait could it be? Yes!
The most lopsided half I have ever seen in fact it would have been 20-0 at half if the ref hadn't picked a flag. So Cryolina cry yourself to sleep cause the Seahawks at Ford Field Bound. We will then see that while the Seahawks will be flying high and fast the Steelers will be true to the Ford name: Found on Road Dead.

So Bus I hope you enjoy retirement without a ring.

PS: Pay Shawn!


Wow are you about to be completely disappointed. Seriously man, you’ve worked yourself up into a frenzy here and, to put it mildly, your team has absolutely no chance against the Steelers. That’s not just talking trash either. The Seahawks must be, at least, a 1 TD underdog going into this game. And I’d say that’s pretty kind on the bookies parts.

Enjoy that win against….uh….who? Oh yeah, Carolina (smirk, real powerhouse there). It will be your last of the season.

By Blogger Tim, at 2:38 AM  

:o) Sorry, but I have to agree with last Corps was just outside Pittsburgh (I'm a Pats fan from way back) so I've had to watch them way tooooo much. There's a reason that even though they were the 6th seed in the AFC they are favored to win....because they will.

Captain Dave

P.S. Check out my blog!

By Blogger Dave C, at 9:21 PM  

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