Monday, January 16, 2006


Tim is having a great discussion on music over at his blog.

Dwight once suggested to me that we take 50 or so years off with no music at our church services.

So here is my question: for most churches if we stopped the music, what would left? I mean in my experience (current appointment included) everything revolves around music. How did we get here? I just wonder what would be left if we stopped the music. Would we have anything that would cause people to come? Would we find any substance or just nothingness? For a while I was in the contemporary worship stuff. I still enjoy it from time to time, but what else is there? It seems with all the fights over worship music we would realize that the music just doesn't matter.

What did Jesus/James say about religion?

I guess I'm just asking what is important here?



In our first appointment (Georgetown, KY) my wife and I were almost forced into this. Neither of us play an instrument and singing along to the CD's had gotten monotonous and lacked the worshipful nature. I was searching online and in books for some help when I came across a description of a Quaker Meeting. It did wonders for my spiritual life and for the lives of those attending the corps. It made them focus on Scritpture they had read and on true "real" testimonies from the week hence.

Firmly In His Grip (again),
Captain Dave

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