Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I hate musicals. I have never seen one I truly enjoyed, I guess it goes back to being forced to watch fiddler on the roof. Truly along with sound of music the worst movies ever. That all changed on Monday. I have now seen one good musical. We went and saw The Producers. I laughed my head of. It was pure comedy. I think evangelical might be offended but laugh anyway.

Everyone is upset that THQ has told everyone they are monitoring blogs. They've been monitoring mine for years so who cares. 1) Don't use profanity 2) Love the disclaimer and 3) Never come to conclusions oh oops those don't exist anyway. So have fun.

Other random thoughts: I'm adjusting to the girl thing. It all pretty much frightens the stuff out of me. Tolani keeps watching these baby shows and women giving birth and all, I just don't know how I'll do. We received an anonymous donation for our chapel and can do all the work plus a bit.

I guess God is blessing us here and all but I'm just a bit nervous about the future.


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