Monday, January 02, 2006

Recognition cont.

Been doing more thinking.

I am not thinking it is wrong to seek the recognition or to acknowlege the major contributions. I don't think its a question of right or wrong. For me its a question of why. I mean why do people do what they do? Why do some actively seek the recognition in their alms giving, why do others not? Why do we recognize some donors and not others? Now seriously if someone came to me and said "I've got 20 million to rebuild harborlight but you need to name the building after me" I'd simply ask where do we sign. So in that regard God bless Joan Kroc.

But here is a question: (aka Ethical dilemma)
You are a multi millionaire. You have decided to divide up your inheritance as follows: 10 mil each to 3 kids, 5 mil for a family scholarship fund, you are splitting the remaining between scholarships and building projects at two different universities. On what conditions of anonymity or recognition would you give the money?

Seriously what would you do, and more importantly why?

Some thinking for the new year.


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