Thursday, January 05, 2006


Well yesterday we put the projector up and watch the game. WOW what a finish. I just would have liked to see USC win. They should have.

I saw the headlines on Yahoo. More death Sharon had a stroke more dead in Iraq Coal Miners dead. I just hate the death. My bible study restarts tonight after the Christmas season. Many guys will attend mine and not the others because the other two are done by good evangelical. I tend to be quieter, less condemning, no fire and brimstone, more open I guess. My main concern is what does scripture say or not say that we need to hear.

We had a good chapel at DHQ yesterday. I talked about the wise men. I wonder how wise they were, they traveled for months to see this king, presented their gifts and left. I kind of think we treat salvation like that we search and search, we find God, and then okay I know where he is so I go about my life. I just wonder how many "Christians" know God and how many know the church. I just think we know where to go, much like the addict knows where to go for 3 meals and a cot. I just wonder why they went back. And did anything change?


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