Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I guess I'm in kind of a funk. Other then THE GAME my mind has not been on much for long. I'm still getting everything done and even doing some counseling but I feel down. I'm not sure why. I just feel tired and run down. I got my approval for the social service conference in Toronto in March so I will be there. There is also trips to northern cali and officer councils coming up. Maybe that will help. Still don't know anything about what will happen to us in July, maybe that is part of it. I just feel like I need a few days off. That won't happen for a while. The trip to Redwood Glen should be good. Just me in my car for 7 hours or so will do me wonders. I just wish I knew why I feel like curling up and sleeping for a few days.

Gordon has been having a good conversation on Natural Church development I have not looked at it ever but I just have one question: why is the Army so concerned with being a church? I mean we don't do it well (just look at our stats), its not the major funding source, and well to be honest personally its not a very attractive goal. So there you go. I've been in churches my whole life, many different denoms I just wonder why church? I mean fellowship is great but why North American church? I just don't have an answer. Any ideas?


I've seen a few corps try the NCD material over here in the East...didn't really work well.

You're right about the funding sources. There are only 3 or 4 corps in this territory that are self-supportive in regards to the "church" end of things...covering the officer's salary and related expenses. 3 or 4 in a territory with over 300 corps. We are a denomination, but we really aren't a church.

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