Friday, February 10, 2006


Well I've been under the weather all week with a upper respiratory infection/virus. My wife says I'm a baby when I get sick maybe I am.

I have been following a few discussions the one that interests me the most is over on Tim's Blog. It has become a question of tolerance and truth. What do you tolerate, what do we not. I think underlying this is a question of Salvation. So, the questioning goes, who or what do we tolerate? At what point should our religious/civil toleration (these are two radically different questions that usually are treated as one) end? Should we tolerate those who we know are wrong? Do we tolerate them and not speak up if we know they are going to hell? These are the types of questions that get answered (rarely asked just answered) in debates on inclusivism, ecumenical movements, and religious pluralism. I think we all started with putting our questions on paper something would happen. We would realize what we are asking. Often we just assume that everyone is asking the same questions. And maybe we are. Even if we phrase it as What would God tolerate? I mean look none of us knows the answer to that question. So why do we answer it? Do I believe that people must know God to enter heaven, yes. Is that God the triune one, yes. But, can get on my high horse (pulpit, blog, email, or street corner) and tell everyone turn or burn? NO! For two reasons: 1) I am not God! 2) I have never seen God, and God has never told me who he chooses to have mercy on. The fact is there are probably more people in heaven (whatever concept of heaven you have, mine: life with God) then any person in history would have put there. So, do I preach tolerance, yes, even hard tolerance like TBN, even though I tell people I never watch it, and I believe they are wrong 95% of the time. I never claim special knowledge about it, it is my opinion. The sooner we realize that religion is more a matter of faith and opinion then scientific fact the better we all be. When we realize that I'm right/Your wrong may work in math class it does not work in religion. Furthermore, that usually (Personally I think always) leads to spiritual abuse if not violence. Besides, didn't someone once say something like "Love your enemies?"

So lets try, just try toleration and love for a millennia and see how that works.


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