Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines day

It seems to me as I did my shopping and drove through the flower district this morning (that was dumb) that this is truly a commercial holiday. I mean it exists as a way for people to sell stuff. This morning on channel 11 they did a piece on cheaters getting caught on this day more then any other day. I just don't know. It does not make sense to me. Is our love and ability to express it so lame that it takes a special holiday for men to get up and do something special for our loved ones? Yes.

Lets face it, I went out got her a card a decorated it and posted it in the conference room (so everyone else would be jealous and embarrass her) then we will go to diner. So I guess I rank myself as pathetic. Why don't I do crazy things like that any more? I guess I am pathetic. I must try to be less pathetic.

Anyway, here is to the most commercialized holiday of all.


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