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Well I guess I must eat some crow. It was a great defensive gave highlighted by two great plays on the Steelers side and two horrid penalty calls on Seattle. It is sad when bad officiating makes part of the difference in a big game. The worst was the mythical holding call. Seattle would would have been 1 and goal from the 2 yard line. But that said Jackson should have gotten his feet in, Shawn should have run better, and well it is what it is. Only 1 out of 32 wins it all. All I have to say is that who in the NFC will compare with a defense that will have 1 more year together? We do need a corner opposite Trufont that doesn't get hurt every other play. Anyway thanks for the ride! Lets ride again next year.

Next week is the pro bowl then no NFL until September.


seahwaks got jobbed. there is no way ben crossed the plain with that ball, and that pass interference call was balogna. sorry man, i was rooting for them.

By Blogger Ian, at 1:38 PM  

yeah, it wasn't exactly a SUPER game at all. neither team had anything in the first half and the second, as you said, only had a couple big plays. and you're right...the refs were not the All Star team that should have been there.

and on comes baseball season! :o) GO RED SOX!!

In His Grip,

By Blogger Dave C, at 1:48 PM  

The Pitts used the same game plan against the Broncos: a horrible call taking away a touchdown, and another horrible call giving the Pitts a touchdown they didn't earn. But as you say, "it is what it is". Certainly the 'Hawks defense handled the situation a lot better than ours did when the officials kept handing the ball back to the Pitts offense.

By Blogger glorybound9, at 3:21 AM  

Apparently, others thought the officiating lacked polish too:

I like Roethlisberger, by the way. He got on some run in the playoffs. He is the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl. But maybe we can hold off now on making him the next Montana or Aikman or Brady. The Steelers didn't win because of him Sunday, they won despite him. Hasselbeck, even with the late pick he threw, outplayed Roethlisberger all day.

The one touchdown he got, the refs gave it to him. And the head ref, Bill Leavy, didn't have the stomach to overturn it. If that surprised you, you didn't watch the season. (J.A. Adande, Los Angeles Times on ESPN's "Around the Horn"):

I've never seen a holding call where a guy only uses one hand. I don't even know if it's possible to hold a defender with one hand. They did call that. They were blowing things all night.

Roethlisberger was awful except for one improvised 37-yard throw to Hines Ward and a couple of productive runs. Hasselbeck was ineffective and sabotaged by his receivers dropping passes. And it wasn't a fine night for the zebras, either. They made four questionable calls - all against Seattle.

And after further review, we need an explanation for how Hasselbeck was called for a low block when he was making the tackle on Ike Taylor after he threw the destructive interception that ended Seattle's comeback attempt in the fourth quarter. He wasn't blocking Taylor. He was tackling Taylor. That cost the Seahawks 15 precious yards.

The NFL ought to be embarrassed about some of the mistakes in Super Bowl XL. They weren't just mistakes made in the flow of the game. They were huge, game-changing mistakes.

Bad calls probably cost the Seahawks two touchdowns. Another gave the Steelers one.

Their first big mistake came late in the first quarter when Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck threw a 16-yard touchdown to Darrell Jackson.

The score was erased when Jackson was called for offensive pass interference against safety Chris Hope. Replays seem to show there was some light contact but nothing significant. The Seahawks were forced to settle for a field goal. Why can't the NFL have an official upstairs reviewing a call as bad as that one?

There was another terrible call when Hasselbeck's 18-yard completion was called back by a phantom holding penalty. The call was ridiculous. Seattle tackle Sean Locklear was locked up with a Pittsburgh defender. There was no holding.

In the end, the NFL ought to feel at least as bad as the Seahawks.

By Blogger glorybound9, at 8:25 AM  

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